Our Service

It's our great pleasure to have your participation

We are looking for a railway manufacturer who plans to expand their business in China. Our customers, is the leading domestic market supply platform, is looking for opportunities to cooperate with you. We will invite you to register on our website and publish our company profile, Company A-Z page on our list of participants. Once your company profile is posted on the page, it will allow domestic suppliers to view companies that meet their needs.

Who we are looking for

In order to create a company profile on the participant list to showcase your goods or services to the domestic suppliers in China, your business entity shall be:
1. the product or technology is applicable in HSR production;
2. the product or technology has ever been used in any HSR project;
3. the product or technology hasn’t been supplying into, but wish to introduce them to the railway market in China.

Contact with domestic suppliers in China

The Company A-Z page allows domestic suppliers to browse and look for manufacturers who can meet the needs of a supplier’s inquiry, such as product distributorship, or start a joint venture business together in China; Then we will help to move on to the next step and arrange a meeting between suppliers and manufacturers, to discuss about the possible of co-operation. The key requirement is executive support within your organization. 

Highly visible platform

As a contact platform, TechYin Consultancy Company provides its participating manufacturers in the railway industry to access to a group of domestic suppliers in China. By creating a profile for your company, not only do you increase your visibility with the manufacturer members, you will also be visible to other and supplier diverse businesses. Participated manufacturers will also be able to network with other manufacturers together.